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11/17/20 Al Burgos Income Tax - Headshots and Portraits (password required)
10/18/20 Nia's Senior Portraits (password required)
09/28/20 David Powe for Business Equality Magazine (password required)
09/05/20 Zoila and Heath's Wedding at Hamlin Beach State Park (password required)
08/29/20 Paula and Wayne's Wedding in Henrietta, NY (password required)
08/21/20 GRBBA Headshots (password required)
12/02/19 The Priceless Vessels "Annual Touch of Class Holiday Party" at The Chatterbox Club
11/04/19 The Priceless Vessels "Platinum" Dinner at The Chatterbox Club
10/24/19 Dr. Gidget Hopf's Portraits and Headshot for the 2020 ATHENA Award (password required)
10/24/19 Tracy's Schleyer's Portraits (password-protected)

09/24/19 The "Priceless Vessels Honors 3" Scholarship Fundraising Dinner at The Chatterbox Club
07/26/19 Nia's Senior Portraits (password required)

07/24/19 The Reception Honoring Mrs. Mira Washington as the Newly Elected National President of Church Women United, Inc at Seneca United Methodist Church

06/22/19 Le Partie en Blanc (a.k.a. The White Party) at The Gardens at Streb Park
06/08/19 The 2019 AKOMA African-American Women's Gospel Choir Nona Patterson Scholarship Concert at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 
06/06/19 Sheila Gaddis' Headshot for the Lawyers of Color Nation's Best List (password required)

06/04/19 The Priceless Vessels Dinner and Panel Discussion on "Overcoming Obstacles in Your Professional, Personal and Spiritual Life" at The Chatterbox Club

04/12/19 Robin Wilt's "Harlem Nights" 50th Birthday Gala at TRIO Restaurant (password required)
04/06/19 Kayle's Bohemian-themed Baby Shower at The Bushman Cabin (password required)
03/12/19 The Priceless Vessels "Faith, Food & Fitness" Dinner Meeting at The Chatterbox Club
02/16/19 The 2019 Annual Black Heritage Gospel Concert (featuring AKOMA and THE VOICES OF THUNDER) at First Genesis Baptist Church

01/02/19 The Swearing-In Ceremony for Brighton Town Councilmember Christine Corrado (password required)
12/30/18 Muto Family Portraits (password required)

12/05/18 LueRachelle's Quilt (password required)
12/04/18 The Priceless Vessels "Touch of Class" Holiday Party at the Chatterbox Club
11/09/18 Lee's Headshots (password required)

11/08/18 The Priceless Vessels November "Platinums" Dinner with Mary Boland at The Chatterbox Club
10/19/18 Male Headshot Samples (password required)
09/30/18 Christopher's Senior Portrait Session (password required)
09/27/18 The Priceless Vessels "Anti-Aging Skin Care for the Busy Professional" Fall Kick-Off Event with Dr. Nana Duffy at The Chatterbox Club
06/09/18 The AKOMA African-American Women's Gospel Choir Concert "RISE UP: Lift Every Voice" at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
06/07/18 The Priceless Vessels Summer "Platinums" Dinner with Dr. Lesli Myers at The Chatterbox Club
05/05/18 Yvonne's 60th Birthday Celebration at the Radisson Hotel (password required)
04/20/18 The Priceless Vessels "Dream Big, Empower Bigger" Luncheon at the Strathallan Hotel
03/27/18 Louise's Women of Distinction Award Headshots (password required)
02/17/18 The 2018 Annual Black Heritage Gospel Concert (featuring AKOMA & The Voices of Thunder) at First Genesis Baptist Church
02/10/18 Frederick Douglass' 200th Birthday Party at the Rochester Academy of Medicine
02/01/18 The Priceless Vessels "Empowering Women Want To Know"  Panel Discussion & Dinner at the Chatterbox Club
01/01/18 The Brighton Town Council Swearing-In Ceremony at the Brighton Town Hall
12/11/17 The Calhoun-McDavid Family Portraits (password required)
12/05/17 The Priceless Vessels "Touch of Class" Holiday Party at the Strathallan Hotel
10/02/17 Robin Wilt for Brighton Town Board - FUNDRAISER (password required)
09/28/17 The Priceless Vessels "What Am I Worth?" Dinner Meeting at the Chatterbox Club
09/25/17 Dr. Darlene White's Headshots (password required)
09/16/17 The Black Physicians Network's 2nd Annual Starlight Gala at Locust Hill Country Club
09/16/17 The Black Physicians Network's Board of Directors - HEADSHOTS (password required)
09/11/17 Robin Wilt for Brighton Town Board - HEADSHOTS (password required)
09/09/17 Robin Wilt for Brighton Town Board - HOMECOMING (password required)
08/11/17 Cheryl's Garden (password required)
08/10/17 The Alimentato-Richmond-Crandall Family Picnic at Webster Park (password required)
07/03/17 Geraldine's 85th Birthday Party at the Henrietta Veterans Park (password required)
06/27/17 Memorial AME Zion Church (password required)

06/25/17 Reverend James' Headshots (password required)
06/25/17 Kelsey and Scott's Engagement Portraits (password required)
06/23/17 The Retirement Celebration Honoring Miss Gloria A. Brooks at the Downtown Holiday Inn (password required)
06/10/17 AKOMA's 22nd Annual Nona Patterson Chambers Scholarship Gospel Concert at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
05/27/17 Thomas Cummings' Black and Gold Birthday Party at the Lodge at Woodcliff (password required)
05/20/17 Daisy Raby's 70th Birthday Party at the French Quarter Café (password required)

05/19/17 Janelle's Graduation from the University of Rochester School of Nursing (password required)

04/08/17 The Priceless Vessels Fashion Show & Fund-Raiser at the Strathallan Hotel
01/15/17 The Potnis Wedding (password required)
12/19/16 The Priceless Vessels 2016 Holiday Party at the Strathallan Hotel

11/25/16 The Chapman DaCosta Family Portraits (password required)
10/13/16 The Priceless Vessels Speed Professional Development Dinner at The Chatterbox Club
09/10/16 The Richmond Wedding (password required)
08/28/16 Leah & Tom's Engagement Portraits (password required)

07/09/16 Twyla's Platinum Birthday Party at the Doubletree Hotel (password required)

05/08/16 Champion Academy at Imagine RIT (password required)
05/07/16 Champion Academy Completion Celebration (password required)
04/08/16 Champion Academy April Meet-Up With Roland Williams (password required)

03/10/16 Champion Academy March Meet-Up With Roland Williams (password required)
02/27/16 The Priceless Vessels Professional Development Conference at the Marriott Hotel

02/27/16 Brenda's Headshots (password required)
02/08/16 Champion Academy February Meet-Up With Roland Williams (password required)
12/08/15 The Priceless Vessels Holiday Party at the Strathallan Hotel

12/07/15 TNT Executive Board Headshots
11/06/15 The Priceless Vessels Dinner & Panel Discussion at the Chatterbox Club
10/30/15 Sam's Portraits
09/26/15 Winston Raby's 80th Birthday Party
09/25/15 The Priceless Vessels Fall Kickoff Breakfast Program
08/28/15 The Bonnie Brae Family Portraits (password required)

08/28/15 Brighton Connections Magazine - October issue (password required)

08/25/15 Isaac's Senior Portraits (password required)
07/14/15 Lincoln Family Portraits (password required)
07/08/15 Bonanno Family Portraits (password required)
07/08/15 Brighton Connections Magazine - August issue (password required)

06/20/15 The White Party for JC Wine & Long Neck Wines of South Africa
06/02/15 Padmore Family Portraits (password required)
06/02/15 Brighton Connections Magazine - July issue (password required)
04/11/15 The "Women of Power" Awards Luncheon sponsored by Priceless Vessels
04/08/15 Pattie's Head Shots for "Women of Brighton" (password required)

04/07/15 Brighton Mower Service (password required)

03/30/15 Mary Jo's Head Shots for "Women of Brighton" (password required)
03/30/15 Linda's Head Shots for "Women of Brighton" (password required)

03/30/15 Pattie's Head Shots for "Women of Brighton" (password required)
02/05/15 The Lusardi Family Portraits (password required)
02/05/15 Brighton Connections Magazine - March issue (password required)
01/06/15 The Johnson Family Portraits (password required)
01/06/15 Brighton Connections Magazine - February issue (password required)
12/22/14 The McGill Family Portraits (password required)
12/09/14 The Priceless Vessels Christmas Party at the Strathallan Hotel - "A Touch of Class"

11/29/14 Brennan and Leigh's Portraits (password required)
11/29/14 Brighton Connections Magazine - January issue (password required)
11/11/14 Derek and Lainey's Family Portraits (password required)
11/11/14 Brighton Connections Magazine - December issue (password required)
10/18/14 Sam Cherry's 70th Birthday Party at the Wishing Well (password required)

10/15/14 The Rochester Women's Network Summit - "Refining Your Business Image" with Miss Cynthia Ely (password required)
10/13/14 Phalen's Senior Portraits (password required)

10/04/14 The Soong Family Portraits (password required)
10/04/14 Pittsford Neighbors Magazine - November Issue (password required)
09/25/14 The Priceless Vessels Breakfast Meeting - "Up Close & Personal" with Mayor Lovely Warren
09/17/14 The Community Foundation's Philanthropy Awards Luncheon
08/29/14 The LaTray Family Portraits (password required)
08/29/14 Pittsford Neighbors Magazine - October issue (password required)

08/08/14 African American Bingo (password required)
08/02/14 The Pitts Family Portraits (password required)
08/02/14 Katitia's Portraits (password required)

05/31/14 The Refinement Studio - Etiquette Workshops and Business Meetings
02/04/14 The Priceless Vessels Breakfast Meeting - "How to Launch A Business With Milk, Eggs and Flour"
01/05/14 The Interfaith Ceremony for Rochester NY Mayor Lovely Warren
01/04/14 The Inauguration Ceremony for Rochester NY Mayor Lovely Warren
12/29/13 Kwanzaa Family Day with Dr. Maulana Karenga (the creator of Kwanzaa)
12/10/13 Art Beaty & The Best of Company (password required)
12/10/13 The Priceless Vessels Christmas Party at the Genessee Valley Club
11/05/13 Mayoral Election Night Victory Party
10/15/13 Sharon G's Portraits (password required)
10/09/13 "Think Pink" Party at Luxe Salon & Spa
10/09/13 Shawn's Portraits (password required)
10/09/13 Diana's Portraits (password required)
10/08/13 Sharon J's Portraits (password required)
10/08/13 Edythe's Portraits (password required)
09/26/13 The Priceless Vessels Breakfast Meeting - "The Joys and Risks of Owning A Business"
08/18/13 The Susan B. Anthony Festival

08/06/13 The 2013 PGA Golf Championship Practice Rounds at Oak Hill Country Club

08/03/13 Dr. Ruth Scott's Keynote Address
08/03/13 The Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference - sponsored by WDKX Women For Women
06/24/13 Ariel's Senior Portraits (password required)
06/24/13 Evans Family Portraits (password required)

06/09/13 The 2013 LPGA Championship Final Round at Locust Hill Country Club
05/18/13 The Eighth Annual Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival at Nazareth College
05/09/13 "An Evening With George C. Fraser" - Networking Expert and Author
05/05/13 "Pride & Passion - The African-American Baseball Experience" - Opening Reception
04/17/13 George's Birthday Portraits (password required)
11/16/12 National Adoption Day - sponsored by Children Awaiting Parents
09/21/12 Rogers Family Portrait Session (password required)
09/07/12 Nialah's Senior Portrait Session (password required)
08/11/12 Sonya's Surprise Birthday Party (password required)
07/20/12 Anthony L. Jordan Ground Breaking Ceremony

08/20/11 The Scotts' Vow Renewal & 50th Anniversary Party (password required)

06/23/11 Edison High School Graduation Ceremony - School of Applied Technology
03/26/11 Gracie's 60th Birthday Party (password required)
10/23/10 Darrin and Hayley's Engagement Party (password required)
10/10/10 Damaris' Senior Portraits (password required)
09/11/10 Janelle's Senior Portraits (password required)
10/26/09 The Rochester Women's Network Summit
06/03/09 The Rochester Women's Network "W" Awards Ceremony
05/30/09 "An Evening Out At Home" - sponsored by the Rochester Area Community Foundation
03/06/09 Model Shoots 
05/04/08 The Wedding of Mark & Cheryl Dulaney (password required)
05/01/08 The High Falls International Film Festival
04/20/08 "Is America Ready for Obama?" - a Public Forum sponsored by Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity

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